ttTuberculosis is a disease which is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Apparently this disease affects the lungs and respiratory systems, but the infection can spread to the various parts of the body. If it gets to the brain, it causes meningitis, which is the swelling of the layers of the brain. It can cause serious outcomes like seizures, severe headache etc. It can also spread to the kidneys and altering their function of water filtration. If the patient is not treated properly in time, the patient might also die from it. According to a survey in 2012, it has been estimated that nearly 900,000 people die from having a TB and it was declared as a global emergency in 1993.


The symptoms of this disease include severe cough with mucus and blood, loss of appetite and weakness, night sweats, fatigue, fever, weight loss etc. Sometimes a few of these symptoms are absent in some patients. Patients who have strong immune systems usually don’t show symptoms at all.

There are two types of TB, active and latent. Active TB is the one whose symptoms can easily be observed and without treatment in time, it can cause serious complications in the patient. On the other hand, latent TB does not show any kind of symptoms at all and a patient won’t even notice that he is having a TB infection. However, if the latent TB patient is exposed to the active bacteria, there is pretty good chance of his latent TB becoming active.

How does it spread?

The worst thing about TB is that it can be easily transferred from one patient to another. Even with a slightest sneeze, its bacteria can affect your body too. This is the reason why TB patients are kept in isolation and only few people are allowed to go near them. TB bacteria can also get transferred from the used clothes, towel, and personal items. So it is better not to use the same things. Use anti-bacterial hand wash to wash your hands after visiting the patients. TB can also spread from blood transfusion. This is the reason why the blood is screened before the transfusion. TB is a very deadly disease, but it can be cured with proper treatment and precaution. TB can easily be detected by skin tests, blood tests, x-ray and ultrasound. The patient who is suffering from the TB face difficulty in breathing and the chest hurts when the inhale the air. Imagine the pain that you can’t even breathe properly.

TB is also transferred by an unhygienic situation like in hospitals. So it is very necessary to have some precautionary measures when you are visiting hospitals. It will help you be at the safe edge. However, if you still get this infection while visiting a hospital, you can call The Medical Negligence Experts and get the hospital sued for negligence of a patient’s care. So pick up your phone and contact them.