As extraordinary as today’s cell phones may be, two of the most concerning issues with them keep on being battery life and memory. Silicon Valley start-up i-Blades is out to change that with its smartcase innovation, that it says can help battery power up to 10 times and memory by up to 1 Terabyte.

The key is in what the organization portrays as snap-on and snap-off ultra-slight “savvy edges,” that can be blended and coordinated to mix it up of capacities to cell phones. They append to the back of the i-Blades smartcase attractively, and every keen sharp edge can be stacked one on top of another to include either a battery brilliant cutting edge, a memory savvy edge or both.

The i-Blades smartcase has an inherent MCU that can naturally identify whether a memory sharp edge or battery cutting edge is appended. It will conform the usefulness by means of an included application. The smartcase and various keen edges can be charged together while you are charging your telephone, or charged independently.

No wires or ports join the smartcase with shrewd edges. Network is an aftereffect of the organization’s ACS (Automatic Contact System) innovation. At the point when a shrewd edge is joined to the smartcase, the roundabout contact exhibit makes a hard-wired fast information association. The organization says that every single keen edge will be perfect with present and future smartcases, paying little respect to the telephone’s working framework. Just the smartcases will change, contingent upon whether they are joined to a telephone running on Android or iOS.

The organization has effectively composed keen cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S6 telephones, with iPhone savvy cases coming soon. Brilliant sharp edges will be from 2 to 9 mm in thickness, contingent upon the usefulness.

One of the advantages of the extra memory limit gave by the savvy memory cutting edge will be the capacity to get to motion pictures and other substance put away on the gadget without causing extra information charges. The organization says it additionally anticipates including new keen cutting edges later on, with sensors for restorative applications and outside games.

i-Blades is as of now amidst an Indiegogo battle, with the objective of raising US$30,000. Brilliant sharp edges will come in fluctuated memory sizes extending from 64GB to 1 Terabyte.