President Barack Obama says he will meet US Attorney General Loretta Lynch to talk about methods for lessening weapon savagery in the midst of reports he means to make official move on the issue.

Obama, in his week by week recorded location on Friday, said he has gotten “an excess of letters from folks, and educators, and children, to lounge around and do nothing.”

He has more than once asked Congress to fix firearm laws, with his calls developing louder after the 2012 slaughter at a grade school in Newtown, Connecticut, and again this year after mass shootings in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and San Bernardino, California.

“A couple of months back, I coordinated my group at the White House to investigate any new moves I can make to lessen weapon brutality,” Obama said in the location. “Also, on Monday, I’ll meet with our lawyer general, Loretta Lynch, to examine our alternatives.”

The Washington Post, refering to a few people advised on the matter, said Obama and Lynch would “settle an arrangement of official activities on firearms that he will disclose one week from now.”

Disappointed with little activity from Congress, Obama has promised to utilize “whatever force this office holds” to put set up firearm control measures through official activity, which does not require congressional endorsement.

“We realize that we can’t stop each demonstration of savagery,” Obama said. “Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where we attempted to stop even one. Imagine a scenario where Congress accomplished something – anything – to shield our children from firearm viciousness.

The Post said Obama would utilize his official power in a few territories, including growing new historical verification prerequisites for purchasers who buy weapons from high-volume merchants.

“Change, as usual, is going to take every one of us,” said Obama, who is on an excursion with his family in Hawaii.

“The firearm entryway is boisterous and very much sorted out with all due respect of easily accessible weapons for anybody. Whatever remains of us must be pretty much as energetic and very much composed with all due respect of our children.”

On Thursday, White House representative Eric Schultz said Obama knew Congress was unrealistic to follow up on firearm change.

“That is the reason he has requested that his group scour existing legitimate powers to check whether there’s any extra move we can make officially,” Schultz said.

“The president has clarified he’s not fulfilled by where we are and anticipates that that work will be finished soon.”

Initially distributed as Obama arranging activity on weapon brutality