In the event that we were all the while searching for confirmation that cell phones have authoritatively turned into a thing, the line of ruggedized gadgets from notorious overwhelming hardware creator Caterpillar may very well be that evidence. We surveyed the Cat S40 Android telephone to check whether it offers an extraordinary tackle a harsh and intense gadget or on the off chance that it’s simply one more telephone with an impossible brand name slapped on the back.

Caterpillar is a name that is synonymous with development, enormous activities and huge rigging, so it’s not astonishing that the significant offering purposes of the S40 incorporate its capacity to face the sort of conditions you may experience on the field or the employment site. This medium-sized telephone is evaluated to be water, clean and drop-confirmation with a 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass 4 show intended to work with gloved or wet fingers.

It’s evaluated IP68, which implies it ought to confront high-weight planes of water and to coincidental submersion. Bullitt Group, which makes the S40 for Caterpillar, goes a touch further to guarantee that it will oppose submersion for an entire hour in up to a meter of water. It is likewise appraised to withstand drops from up to 6 feet (1.8 meters). It likewise satisfies the military standard for being impervious to salt, dust, dampness, vibration, stuns and sun oriented radiation.

We needed to keep our audit unit in working request so we couldn’t generally torment it, yet it did stand up fine and dandy to some modestly unpleasant drops, genuine sprinkles, submersions and endeavors to scratch the screen. We likewise tried to hand it over to a couple kids for some time to truly put it under serious scrutiny, and it left away in one piece from those experiences.

In the same way as other reasonable ruggedized telephones, including Kyocera models like the Brigadier, the S40 appears to exchange power and execution for strength. Its Snapdragon 210 processor, 1 GB of RAM and 540 x 960 presentation don’t precisely inspire and can get stalled by more eager for memory applications.

So in case you’re a force cell phone client hoping to push a telephone as far as possible through gaming, genuine multitasking or as an overwhelming media utilization gadget, you can presumably stop here and look somewhere else, yet in the event that despite everything you’re fascinated by a telephone you can take anyplace to stay in contact, we should consider what else we like about this telephone.

In the first place there’s the brilliant screen that is intended to function admirably even in direct daylight outside. We thought that it was workable even on splendid days here in the high betray from most points.